2020 Halia Aloha Ornament

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2020 Haliʻa Aloha Ornament

The 2020 ornament, Halia Aloha, celebrates the motifs and symbols incorporated into Hawaiian Kingdom uniforms. Halia Aloha is Hawaiian for Cherished Memory.

During his 1881 voyage around the world King Kalakaua visited the Kingdom of Prussia which had the most renowned military in the world at the time. Inspired by their military, the King ordered Prussian uniforms. 

Though many Hawaiian Kingdom uniforms were patterned on a Prussian model, they incorporated distinctive Hawaiian motifs. For example, the buttons were decorated with symbols important to the Hawaiian Kingdom. 

The 2020 Iolani Palace ornament is inspired by a belt buckle donated to The Friends of Iolani Palace by Mrs. Helen Weeks. It consists of six Hawaiian Kingdom buttons fastened together with a fleur de lis between each. Fashioning Hawaiian Kingdom era buttons into other objects was quite commonplace after the monarchy period. Our collection hosts many examples, including buttons made into hat pins, rings and brooches.   

Clockwise from the top, the buttons featured in the object are: a crown atop a number 3 for King Kamehameha III; the crown; the Hawaiian Kingdom coat of arms; “LR” for Liliuokalani Regina; and the shield of the Hawaiian Kingdom.  In the center is a button with “KIK” for King Kalakaua I.

Mahalo to Mrs. Helen Weeks from The Friends of Iolani Palace for her generous donation.


This ornament is an exclusive ʻIolani Palace design.

Made by David Howell & Company (New York)

Solid brass, giclee print, electro-plated with gold finish