Lauhala Tote Bag (Medium)

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Medium lauhala tote bag created and designed by Jill Komperda


 Size: 8" L x 4" W x 15" H (20cm x 10cm x 36cm)


·         Incredibly durable and functional design!

o   Ingenious construction means the handle/tote body is one continuous structure (instead of a handle that is separately added onto the body)

o   Using only my longest leaves minimizes splices

o   Double weave provides superior wall strength

o   First, I weave the inner layer; weave the bottom, come up the sides, and bring up the handle.  Then, the outer layer; crossing back over the handle, down the sides and under the bottom.  All one, harmonious whole!

·         Hands-free style -- simply slip your arm through the handle opening and carry on your forearm

·         Decoration:

o   Black is dyed (salt-free process)

o   Browns are natural (the darker brown is treasured “red lauhala”)

·         Signed (branded JK)