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A neat idea! The Traveler's Passport for Hawaii & Oceania has informative detail about the geography, history, food and more. There are entries and color images for many of the landmarks and sites that travelers like to visit on each Hawaiian island as well as the island nations of Oceania including Australia and New Zealand. Space is provided by each to write your date of visit. This is part guide book/part travel log and is terrific for any age.

Additional features:
-- The facts provided for each destination include: land size, population, highest point and products produced. An outline map of each Hawaiian island is provided with a list of the most popular attractions.
-- There is info about how to best use the passport and a page for your photo along with name/address, etc.
-- Other useful sections include:
1) List of Hawaiian words for tourists with their meanings.
2) Small images of some regional maps.
3) Images, names and space for date of visit of the 3 US National Parks in the Pacific.
3) A trivia quiz about the islands of Oceania (answers are provided)

The passport is paperback, in full-color and has 64 pages. It's just an altogether unique log book!