United Islands


Many people don’t know there existed a “cousin” to the original aloha shirt—introduced around the same time (1930s) and for a brief period just as popular.  

Unfortunately, as aloha wear exploded in Hawai‘i and beyond, this shirt all but disappeared.  Even the name of the shirt style seems to have been lost to time.

As such, we are proud to (re)introduce the Hawaiian RH Shirt, which we’ve named in honor of Rev. William Richards & Timoteo Ha‘alilio—the two men who sailed to Europe on behalf of King Kamehameha III in order for Hawai‘i to secure its official coat of arms.

To honor that legacy, we’ve put the very best into this shirt. Italian fabric. Vintage details. Special embroidery. Coconut buttons. And, of course, designed and made right here in Hawai‘i.