Kolea and the King's Crown


Product Description

Kolea, the beloved Pacific Golden Plover, once agian reveals a little known fact of Hawaiian History. In this book, we learn the secret of the Royal Crowns of Hawaii that are preserved in Honolulu's Iolani Palace. Young readers will enjoy traveling with King Kalakaua on his historic 1881 World Tour. Although this story is based on historic accounts, Kolea takes some liberties where the facts are unknown, such as how the kukui nuts actually became part of the Royal Crowns. The typeface chosen to reflect the Victorian Era in which this story takes place. As in "Kolea and the Chief's Cloak", the author uses vocabulary designed to challenge readers ages 6 to 12. This beautifully illustrated book contains a strong message for any age, "An object's true value is determined not by its rarity and brilliance, but by the contribution it makes to our lives."



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